Schuessler Combination P Tissue Salts Lactose Free Homeopathy GlobulesPillules

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Family Care Homeopathy

Tissue Salts Combination P

Choose your Combinations and Size from the drop down list above

All combinations are lactose free.

Combination remedies are in 6x potency.

  • 8 Grams contain roughly about 200 pillules.
  • 16 Grams contain roughly about 410 pillules.
  • 25 Grams contain roughly about 610 pillules.
  • Pillules means round tablets (Homeopathic globules).

Combination P

For Symptoms: Poor circulation, aching legs, chilblains.

Contains: Calc fluor, Calc phos, Kali phos & Mag phos.

Sold in amber glass jar to protect the remedy from sunlight. The Remedy is in form of small pillules and are easier to take than tablets.

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