Oniscus Asellus in 30C Homeopathy

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Welcome to Family Care Homeopathy

We supply authentic homeopathic remedies. All our remedies are medicated according to Hahnemann principles. We don’t use a remedy maker machine to make remedies, instead we use the traditional Hahnemann method.

Our remedies are available in:

  • 8 Grams contain roughly about 200 pillules.
  • 16 Grams contain roughly about 410 pillules.
  • 25 Grams contain roughly about 610 pillules.
  • 10ML liquid drops roughly about 200 drops.
  • 30ML liquid drops roughly about 600 drops.

Pillules are round pellets of size 3mm (Homeopathic globules).

Sold in amber glass jar to protect the remedy from sunlight. The Remedy is in form of small pillules and easier to take than tablets. Keep all the remedies out of reach of children. Keep the remedies away from direct sunlight and strong smells.


Please seek advice from a qualified homeopath for specific doses and uses.

Please note: All our remedies (from 6C to 1M) are made from organic certified sucrose pillules (excluding tissue salts in 6X potency).

We have large stock of Homeopathic Remedies and Herbal Mother Tinctures.

If you require a remedy or mother tincture that is not listed, please get in touch we can help.


Any issues or difficulties please let us know.

We are keen to keep 100% customer satisfaction.

All orders are sent via Royal Mail. 

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